Travel to Okinawa by Dragon Air

Last times, I traveled to Okinawa from Hong Kong by Dragon Air(now is Cathay Dragon). My experience is not too bad. The flight was on time. Moreover, this is a full-service airline. Thus we got a lunch set during the trip.

Japanese Curry in Dragon Air

This Japanese Curry tasted ok. But it only had bottled water. If you need other beverages, you have to ask flight attendants for that. That is still ok, other beverages are still free of charge.  Also, they traveled with AirBus A320 which is a smaller plane and without flight environment system.

Dragon Air A320

Fortunately, that was a two hours trip. Boring was not the biggest problem. My priorities are the safety and on-time. Dragon Air fulfilled them for me. In conclusion, the flight was comfortable, but there was still some rooms to improve.