Hong Kong Style Breakfast-Hokkaido Dairy Farm Restaurant

I grew up in Hong Kong. The food in Hong Kong has implanted in my memory. I like them. Especially, I like the Hong Kong Style breakfast. When I back to Hong Kong, I must have one every morning. I was in Hong Kong at the early of this year; I tried a new restaurant in Mei Foo, that is Hokkaido Dairy Farm Restaurant.  In Mei Foo, although there are more choices of restaurants than ten years ago, the most of the restaurants in there are Yum Cha style which is not my cup of tea.  Thus, when I found this Hokkaido Dairy Farm Restaurant, I was very very happy. This restaurant emphasizes all milk used in this restaurant are from Hokkaido Japan.  I tried ham and egg with instance noodles. That is very very tasty. The egg is cooked at the exact right level. It looks like a sun. Moreover, I tried their coffee. That is very good. The taste is very rich. 

Shop 09,
Ground Level,
1-15 Nassau Street,
Mei Foo Sun Chuen
Hong Kong