Wisdom of Zhuge Liang

"Rest when tired; persevere when faced with difficulties." During the Three Kingdoms period, the wise sage Zhuge Liang famously said this. It teaches us how to deal with exhaustion and challenges that arise in our life.

We should stop and calm down when we are fatigued. Fatigue has an impact on our physical health, mood, and mental wellbeing. Our physical and psychological well-being will deteriorate if we keep pushing ourselves to work without taking breaks. As a result, if we are fatigued, we should take some time to relax and recover. We can better prepare for future issues this way.

On the other hand, when faced with difficulties, we should persevere. Problems are inevitable, but we can overcome them through persistent effort and courage. As Zhuge Liang said, we should continue to move forward in the face of difficulties. Difficulties should not defeat us; we work even harder, constantly learning and improving. We can overcome problems and achieve our goals with firm belief and courage.

In summary, Zhuge Liang's famous saying reminds us to deal with fatigue and difficulties correctly. When we feel tired, we should stop and rest; when faced with problems, we should persevere. Through this approach, we can maintain our physical and mental health, overcome difficulties, and achieve our goals.